Patent Pending



Sunny Cable Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of the world’s most time-accurate cables and loudspeakers.

All our cables utilize the revolutionary Patent Pending design by our inventor Sunny Lo to significantly reduce the time-distortion caused by inductance during signal transmission through cables.

Our loudspeakers also employ the same breakthrough technology and design philosophy to reproduce sound that is unbelievably natural and eerily realistic.

New Invention
This is not one of those “bogus” inventions that sound esoteric, cost a fortune, but offer almost negligible improvements over existing technology. Our invention is a design breakthrough based on proven scientific facts applied in an ingenious manner.

Absolutely No B.S.
Whatever we claimed on our website, brochure and ads, we have demonstrated in show after shows. Critics and reviewers were stunned but also pleased to find their long held reference standards smashed by the performance of our cables and speakers.

Take Our Challenge!
We claim absolute superiority in cable design. There are no cables on the market today that even come close to ours in terms of performance! Please give our time-accurate cables and loudspeakers a try and judge for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Made In U.S.A.
All our cables, including “The Box” and speakers are hand-made in U.S.A. with the highest quality materials and without any compromises.



Timing is everything. Precisely!

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First in Signal Accuracy!