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The Majestic H3W18 Speakers Reviewed by Clement Perry:

This is a rare opportunity for you to own a pair of the most realistic sounding speakers that Stereo Times Publisher Clement Perry has ever reviewed in his own listening room, at less than half off retail!

As a popular web-based publisher, Clement is a highly respected reviewer of high-end stereo equipment.  He is famous for his ability to discover reference-quality stereo gear from lesser-known manufacturers.  His earlier gears were valued-based.  Now, his reference gear is widely recognized as state-of-the-art, the best there is available on the market, regardless of price.

How good really are the Majestic H3W18 speakers?  Clement says in his review: “In the end, the Sunny Majestic loudspeakers leave nothing wanting… Most importantly, my personal convictions and preconceived notions have changed dramatically since the arrival of the Majestic loudspeakers… From here on in, I’m hanging my hat on a horn… a Sunny Majestic horn to be exact.”

You can read more about Clement’s review of the Majestic H3W18 loudspeakers at this link:

Furthermore, you can follow a spirited debate on Audiogon about these speakers and see how Clement defended his choice of the Majestic as his reference speakers since August 2007 in the following link:
Clement is a great storyteller.  He can tell you fascinating stories about how self-declared “horn-haters” came to his listening room to challenge him, only to go home defeated and with their pre-conceived theories of the best loudspeakers completely demolished.

If you are interested, especially people who had a chance to listen to the Majestic speakers at Clement’s listening room, this is your chance to take those reference speakers and enjoy them at your own house.   

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The “Real Giant Killer” H2W10 Speakers Reviewed by Dennis Parham:

For audiophiles who might not have the larger room or budget for the Majestic speakers yet, but who would still love to enjoy realistic-sounding speakers with the same “DNA”, then “Mini Majestic the Giant Killer” H2W10 speakers reviewed by Dennis Parham of the Stereo Times, at less than half off retail, are your perfect choice!

Dennis concluded in his review: “…the wonderfully rich sound they reproduce appears more accurate and true than I would have expected considering their size. Their sound would have to qualify as super sophisticated due to their open and honest reproduction of the teeniest notes: Classic horn qualifications with no drawbacks… There’s no question its performance rivals many loudspeakers twice their cost.”

Here is the link to Dennis’ review:

Opportunities like this do not come by often.  Take advantage of it and take these H2W10 reference speakers home for your own enjoyment!

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